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Start a business for free in 14 Days: Day 1

Is making money online dead? Does spending money actually make money? How much money does it cost to sell online?

I am going to spend the next 14 days answering those questions.

For now I will be documenting the process with notes on what I did each day and the results for that day. Eventually I will be coming back to each section and elaborate on every step along the way.

  1. 14 day shopify free trial
  2. google analytics
  3. facebook pixel
  4. dropshipping - oberlo
  5. free resources - picking a niche, golden product
  6. apps
  7. theme
  8. privacy, terms, refunds
  9. adding pages editing nav
  10. the 99 cent domain name
  11. about/ contact
  12. add products
  13. social/ first ad
  14. first customer - social, instagram influencers

Result for the day: live and able take orders world wide

End of the day realization: Doing business takes time and money and get rich quick schemes are just that. Do some research and find people who have had success doing what you are trying to do. Replicate proven methods while staying open minded. Set goals and stick with it.

Total money spent: 99 cents

Total time spent: 5hrs

Written on June 30, 2018