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Mobile Friendly Website Design Bloomington Indiana

Having a mobile friendly website is key for any modern business looking to compete.

Your customers expect your website to be mobile friendly and so does Google.

Wondering if your website is mobile friendly? Google has a free tool to check:

Enter your website address and look for three things.

No loading issues

“Page is mobile-friendly” in green and “This page is easy to use on a mobile device”

How your site looks on a mobile phone

Things to look out for -

  • Does your design and content fit on the screen without being shrunk?
  • Are there scroll bars on the bottom of the screen?
  • Is it clear what you offer?
  • Are there clear calls to action (buttons) to lead your customer in the right direction?

If not it may be time for a mobile website redesign. We offer Bloomington Indiana’s most affordable mobile design services. Get in touch now to get your mobile friendly website design started!

Written on June 26, 2018